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VIDEO4 Pro video and data logging system


The VIDEO4 PRO is a state of the art, solid state, combined video and data logging system. It features four video inputs and one video output. The VIDEO4 PRO overlays high quality graphics and records the video - along with perfectly synchronised data - onto a removable flash memory card. The video can then be viewed on a PC, using our standalone player, or used to automatically generate a DVD. It also allows you to load both the data and the video directly into our analysis package. The VIDEO4 PRO is housed in a sealed (IP67) aluminium enclosure, and features high quality Deutsch connectors from their autosport specific range. The unit is designed for demanding applications in harsh environments, and is ideal for tough industrial use.


Who is the VIDEO4 PRO designed for?


The VIDEO4 PRO was initially designed for autosport applications in drag racers, single seater racing cars, rally cars and road cars - it is, however, also ideally suited to use in power boats and on motorbikes. The unit may be used for all types of car testing within the auto-industry and can provide a vital tool for road safety and race training within driving schools.


What does the VIDEO4 PRO do?


The VIDEO4 PRO conducts the following, key functions:

·         Takes video from up to four standard composite cameras

·         Combines the video from the four inputs, in almost any combination, as picture-in-picture inputs

·         Overlays a high resolution, full colour, fully configurable graphics overlay

·         Records a synchronised data stream from any of our data logging products

·         Stores both the video and the data to a single removable memory card.


PC software is supplied to:

·         Configure the unit

·         View the video on a PC (with no data)

·         Generate a DVD from the video (complete with menus and titles)

·         Perform detailed simultaneous analysis of the data and video using our powerful data analysis system




The image above illustrates the use of the perfectly synchronised data and video in the analysis software. No manual synchronisation is required, it loads automatically and perfectly in sync everytime.

The image above shows some example video screens. Mounting cameras on the outside of the vehicle and splitting the main area of the screen into large left and right camera views, it is possible to clearly monitor tyre wall deflection under load and vehicle lane possition.

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