Race Technology SpeedBox INS

Ultra high accuracy sensor system for development, setup and analysis of vehicle chassis, suspension and performance.

The single antenna INS system has been especially developed to bring the exceptional measurement performance of the SPEEDBOX-INS to applications that are either space or aerodynamically critical, notably high-end racing applications.  By mating the latest generation tactical grade IMU from the aerospace industry with a compact high-precision antenna an INS system that has both extremely high accuracy and is externally incredibly compact has been realised. 

Compared to the Dual Antenna SPEEDBOX-INS options, the single antenna system attains the same exceptional accuracy as the tactical dual antenna system, but does require some initialisation driving following stationary periods. Typically, a single warm-up lap will suffice. For this initialisation period no vehicle attitude (roll/pitch/yaw) is output, only when it is ready will you see this data, meaning it is clear when the unit is initialised.

SPEEDBOX-INS Single Antenna Option

  • High precision automotive speed sensor - using inertial (IMU) and GPS technology for an accurate and robust measurement.
  • 200Hz on all channels, including acceleration, speed, distance, position and vehicle attitude (roll, pitch and yaw)
  • Robust to GPS outages, making it ideal for on highway use as well as at the test track or racing circuit
  • Simple to install and use, no complex initialisation requirements
  • Compact single antenna layout for the ultimate data accuracy in aerodynamic and space critical applications


The INS sensor assembly is connected to the main SPEEDBOX unit, where the raw inertial and GPS outputs are combined in real time to accurately measure vehicle attitude (roll, pitch, yaw), acceleration, velocity, distance, gradient and heading as well as position. All measurements have a very low latency of just a few milliseconds, and are output at a rate of 200Hz with no interpolation.

The 200Hz update rate is very important when accurately measuring vehicle responses during testing, assuring the data is accurate during dynamic maneuvers. With such high update rates on the data it is important not to introduce noise into the system, especially when measuring velocity. The whole SPEEDBOX range is optimised for automotive testing - with the INS option offering the highest accuracy and 200Hz outputs on all channels - ensuring the update rates are as high as possible without introducing noise into the measurements.

The SPEEDBOX-INS products are suitable for detailed analysis of driver / circuit / vehicle handling, performance testing, brake and tyre testing, fuel economy, speed verification, development of driver assistance systems etc.

The single antenna INS is the ideal tool for chassis and suspension development and setup; its compact size makes it suitable for permanent installation in race cars, as well as production vehicle development. In a race car the high precision data, and suitability to the high dynamic racing environment, provides the information for suspension optimisation at each circuit as well as race performance evaluation.


Typical Accuracies

Typical accuracies are shown in the table below. These figures assume that a good GPS lock is available in a reasonably open environment.

Single antenna INS

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