Race Technology SpeedBox MINI - Speed Sensor


The SPEEDBOX MINI uses the same high accuracy 20Hz PurePhase GPS solution as the standard SPEEDBOX. This high accuracy solution is optimised for speed measurement, which outperforms even top of the range 'survey-grade' GPS receivers in this respect. This unique GPS technology outperforms "GPS-only sensors", offering lower noise, lower latency and superior bandwidth, and is far more resistant to drop outs. It offers an ideal replacement/upgrade for 5th wheel, optical and gps-only sensors in a wide variety of automotive testing applications, including brake testing, chassis dynamics, accident reconstruction, tyre testing and stability management testing, to name but a few.

The SPEEDBOX MINI offers the same high accuracy speed measurement in a smaller and lighter package, for use in space and weight critical applications. With RTK and INS versions available, the SPEEDBOX MINI is the unit of choice for racing vehicle development, setup and optimisation.

What is the difference between the standard SPEEDBOX and the SPEEDBOX MINI?

The SPEEDBOX MINI is incredibly similar to the standard SPEEDBOX, but features the following differences:

  • Only available in standard / RTK / or INS versions. The IMU option is not available
  • The power supply input is 9-15V rather than the higher 9-30V voltage range of the standard unit
  • There are no analogue inputs or outputs
  • The unit is much smaller, with the complete unit measuring only 160 x 132 x 27mm
  • Lower cost than a standard SPEEDBOX unit


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